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shop%',du=300,sn=323031303031,lp=etv%',tt=41505000,lo=511:76][co:ta=001f8fbf][54f0] >>host: this is really call item no. 222-80 at its four flex pay micorder ford dollars and 99 and mike thank you so much it is always been a pleasure and very much fun.3 you'll be back tonight. >>guest: guess of the bats tonight and there's a lot of things are gonna be in the show and you are comparing >>host: stay tuned as darlene cahill is in an the background and we have sewing. [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning we're so happy that you're watching hsn this morning because we do have an entire hour of that singer sewing in every single machine is on holiday pricing.every single machine
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has flex pay and every single machine is a customer pack.we do have an incredible lineup we will get and share with you the veryhine and this is the commercial heavy- duty sewing machine and this will be the work force of sewing machines in your home and it will bring through any type of fabric. $179.95 in free shipping and handling and 4 flexible paymentsof $44.99 and notice the retail price 207 $5, huge savings here and a customer pickndred and 15 refused. 115 reviews $329.95, free shipping and 4 flexible payments to more than 50% off of the b tel.! this is
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a singer professional 5 thread serger machine. free shipping and handling, 5 flexible payments as a demented quantity, top of blind with 1300 stitches per minute and all of the the coming included $180 within peak, 424-620. we have an incredible lineup. sinker is the most recognizable brands world wide for sewing when you think of selling you think of singer. since the mid- say have been delivering us quality, say that the art machines in machines that are user friendly, machines that will stand the test of time with the amazingll of
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the innovation and easy to use you are getting the best the best, darlene cahill holt has been hsn for 15 years and she is our sewing expert, an interior designer, she creates her costumes and we love and a dirt court here and you are an author as well. >>guest: hello everyone i hope you are is this site and and this is the last visit of the entire year.13 this is the last show of the last visit. >>host: we will start off with that of sewing machine this is the commercial grade heavy duty sewing machine of what it to see the retail $274.90 and we do have all with a pricing $179 a wave taken $70 off of hsn delivering it to your home for free,
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but it under the christmas tree, $15 savings, plus you do have 4 flexible payments as the assessed raise that will come included value added assess trees are well over $100 of assessed race accessories. >>host: i just sewed >>guest: throw led, sheer chiffon and 12 layers of denim and that is why this is the heavy-duty commercial grade would you have that will be stronger or thicker than 12 l of denim, shares a you can do bridal work and monterey. -- sheer backpacks and all of your covers for your ipadand things like that and also led.but
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covers, patio furniture, all of those kinds of things that are so heavy you would not use your regular sewing machine probably did not want to use your computerized machine but this is this does and has stood the test of time. this has been updated but this is basically the sewing from yesterday taking the best technology in making its appeal to us today, in a very convenient3 portable sewing machine with a stainless steel bed to you do not have to worry about the pen scratching, like you do not have to worry about catching them get launcher raise, if an automatic and needled the rhetoric in see the light underneath, plenty of light and this is the lever that you will pull menu to automatic button hole. i do want to show you, all of the
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accessories will be stored on board at your fingertips it is easy to access the peak with the machine and to show you how those work. get what touche take these off and show you, this is the only machine and the line of the one at the bottom stability in the battle legs will keep the machine from working on heavy items such as aid to take cover, i large draperies because we know that you will be doing the core projects with this. this does have the extra stability and also does have an interior all metal frame on the inside, i know you cannot open here and show you but it is metal frame, it will keep it from shaking, stabilize it and it does keep everything, the stitches more consistent as well. you want to look for the metal
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this does have metal gears, it does have the medal and tear your, >>host: precise and durable. of for 1140 of these have been spoken for, just this visit alone, this is the final show of the visit before the new year so if you are looking to upgrade who are looking to make any kind of costumes for your daughter's- maybe it is theater a church nativity scene, you will need the machine that will soak through anything and at the same price, you do have holiday pricing, you are saving $70 here at hsn customer pet with 115 refused this is a machine and we have also the seven bonus pressure of the included as well. >>guest: should show that because you want to know all
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of the extra fee that will be coming with, if you will be receiving superfast, according butere all are and him are afoot to make the tiny hemlines. cadaverine but, in broad array thread painting an event monogram. and then you have the button hole foot one+ and would never expect that with a mechanical machine in the button and attachment foot for and home to a core projects. you do get the regular assess race which includes meals, land bridge extra assess race accessories. >>host: the pressor
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feet, that the hundred dollars worth of just. get $79.90 which is just unheard of because the value is significant and then you do have free shipping and handling, 4 flexible payments of $44.99.whether it is home to a core, the costumes, but you are making fashions or clothing, there is nothing that this sewing machine cannot do. >>guest: it does not do the or your laundry. this is perfect for the people who are getting a new home, apartment, when my son was working on a cruise ship he had a six month contract, this is the machine he had.he was working on leather, fauxd be heavy
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duty and i did in costumes making costumes on a professional level for 15 years and i had a mechanical machine with five stitches3 stitches, and it is a much better deal. >>host: fully loaded. >>guest: i made a living off of mind and this is one with a commercial grade warranty and this is the one you would have with the bridal shop, and maybe you want to start your own in home business. >>host: if you do want to strip the side business from your home you what to of the extra added incomer maybe you are just wanting to start selling for the first time, this can be the what party was able tovthese are small details but there really the need to add an
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opulent look to anything. and >>guest: to do the applique and do it quickly. center needle and orientation so you can come down to a point. get the colts of your trade. quilting has the extra test ability and the bottom say when you are putting one pieces that will not tip over and you can add so fast speeds because of the metal from inside and that will add your ability and precision. --stren gth. >>host: you will so faster on this machine than any other standard sewing machine so if you want to save time work faster, not harder, this will do that for and look at some of the things. incredible out what she does but she
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does have the proper tools, you have the right sewing machines, i would love to hear from the callers, 1-866- 376-talk in owned eight singer sewing machine is passed down from generation to generation because of the quality, durability and the inside, because it is made with the precision and the inside of the machine is the technology that they put in it, it will last a lifetime. >>guest: you have a dial a, it is easy to access all look the stitches, stitches for functional decorative ostrich sewing and this is the stitched lint dial you have the with. and then the learning curve, it is super easy, you can take it out of the box but the
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thread on and start to sell, it is very simple to operate. if a built-in carrying handle, it weighs at 14 and a half pounds. >>host: says 14.5 lbs so if you are taking it with you, fantastic we do have an for the carrying case if you do have been wanting to give the gift of sewing a few want to give it to a mom, upgrade the sewing machine that your mom used to sell one when you were of little girl and she still sewing on the same singer, if you want to upgrade, this is the opportunity. and you do work for you are a seamstress and you are working in cutting, this is the sewing machine that
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isgrades you have the commercial break warranty, this is the final visit of the year. have a phenomenal holiday which is for a limited time, you have taken $70 off free shipping and handling which is every $14 savings. >>guest: in what to add the cord and before you put the other side the stocking on so you know is going property and you will have a at have a perfect accord sandwich. this is thin next best thing. it's not something that they use in factories this is a home version but this is why they call it a commercial break you will get kind of precision results, look at that beautiful courting on the edge and then it is not even finished you would at the second later, when you turn it in, look at the edge and that
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is because of the piping. i picked up another industrial sewing machine and i paid $50 just for the and zipper but perry get off--foot singer has taken their all world crop and ship and they're over 160 years of experience and they have worked it into a sewing machine that is good for all genders 8- 80, a male female, i don't care what country you live in home in america. >>host: darlene cahill went through 12 layers of. who is going to sit through 12 layers of
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denim? you have the capacity, you have the power but look good all of the value added are including all of the accessories as well and let me turn it over. you can see darlene cahill so, look at all of the extra fee that you are getting and that could be an additional $100 within all of the accessories you are getting this morning. it is not like you are paying for them because you have taken $70 off this morning which is huge. free shipping in the flexible payments. $44.99 and you do have the extended return policy all the way of january 31st to return it if it is not about to your expectations. >>guest: see for yourself if it is not everything we say it isn't there is a lot ofner macadam all machines on the market and some cost less but you are not getting what you get
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with this one and i wish to conceive the inside and the difference that the snakes. singer has mastered the heavy- duty machines and take a look at that tiny rolled him.em. who have the the accuracy from the machine and we have smooth, it does not wobble, the foot can be used to put in zippers.i wanna go to the otherou some stippling we have been talking about this heavy- duty and it is, i do think look through the side of jeans and hammer out and work on all of their backpacks and leather and out but it is something you can use for " scene. get creative. you can
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drop the feed on this, it does have an automatic annual , i put an embroidery effect and i am doing a little free motion work then what you are really doing, if you are just moving the fabricthis is called a stippling. it is a very popular quilt's finish for the top of the fabric. >>guest: this is the embroidered rate for a motion the red painting and monogram and perry get >>host: you are giving gifts and if you are getting towels, robes, you want to be able to mama monogram them. today is december look at this 4-7 days you can sewing and have homemade
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cassette are professionally done for 4 flexible payments beautiful the embroidery is. you will on the shea new world of creativity for you and you will have so many different projects they will be able to do and what to go down to darlene cahill so she can show you all the things that you can't do. it is not just the embroidery. and >>guest: there is also a gathering of friends. did you can move the tension all the way a number at 9 on the top your attention will be lori leland which is typically two or three but we are going to put it on no. 4. the stitch with will start at 0 and i am going to do is straight. but
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it's down. what i have one here is gathering and make sure, receive pulled down, that is good to reinforce the beginning ending at every seam. this is a heavy cotton, if you will get a light gather and it will automatically will ensure the fabric for you. beautiful soft gather. that was seconds and that is coming included with all of the peace and that is worth of $100 worth of assessor race. $274 that you do have within the retail value and here at hsn , if you are going to get it home for 4 flexible payments of $44.90
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in really quickly let us run through some of the things. >>host: 1600 have already been spoken for this is the last presentation of the year. >>guest: quilting the bottom is quilted in there is a designer dress that love it was $10,000 and inspired me to make my own. i was able to make this under 100, you can get the designer of looks for a fraction of the cost inchristmas tree the stock gains, monica with every toward decorations are you have the piper and so perfect, decorative stitches to fashion your own material and6 c13 make a great gift. it is heavy we do have them break, and stitching as well as the faux fur and that is also a handwarmer on the other side. imagine
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if there and the nativity scene in you have your costumes that you need to make.will be that available but taking advantage of $70 off and it is a customer pecan @ sewing machine. here is the singer sewing machine carrying case. $24.95, it is a customer pet.guys love anything singer. very limited this will this is the 5 piece kit with the case. if your looking for perfect stocking stuffer, they will love this. a customer pet with 6 reviews on that. we do have much more coming up with darlene cahill but here is a lesson to our spot a with our good friend
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brett chuckerman. >>host: agendas spotlight on to leon not redneck who will return on for hsn exclusive line. will feature three brand new state items never seen before in holiday pricing throughout the entire show, you can check out% beaufort pieces that are great for gift giving in to not forget to check out in their chances see behind the scenes footage from our first visit on hsn . [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: are watching and singer sewing on hsntimer host robin wall
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joined by the talented darlene cahill and i do have to let you know, this next my goodness, i do have to walk you through some of the details because the value that we're doing, if to look at the retail value, than 50% off the retail. down for you because i do like to you thru the details but justice sewing machine alone sells for the price of the mission $499 but the total machine with the censor raises $329 bottle of the value of over $200. [reading] >>host: this is a feature packs machine that they're doing for $329 but
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we have $70 off, this machine is a customer picks on if you have a moment, visit in a tablet or laptop is there, i read the fabulous reviews and we will go over to darlene cahill she will walk you through the features. as you watch this presentation remember that this is the last opportunity to get a singer sewing machine before the holidays with their this hanukkah, christmas, new year's, if you want to so, you have shop now because darlene cahill will not be back until the new here. this is it, the final show but what is special about >>guest: : are you kidding me? i am so excited. that stitch patterns. a plethora of stitches to choose from you never use them all but it is nice to
4:28 am
know that they are there when6 c13 them in need them. everything from built-in button holes to the icons and this is something i have to show you there is little dogs,ts these are built-in stitches. are very much sought icons and have a beautiful stitching and you do have the alphabet, you aren't getting the case block as well as the alphanumeric spent the numbers and you can stitch in different languages. you will love this, so your in english,3 spanish, italian german dutch portuguese, russian, can stitch in different languages with the character's built-in perry again.
4:29 am
we have an enormous footboard and you will love the3 the that go with this. get to do want to get you started selling. get here is coming here3 sebring, and this is you access all of your stitches and by pushing this down, you will these stitches scrolling. this touched the buttons, you can not heard it. you scroll through an you get all of those stitches, they're beautiful and they will choose one and we will6 c13 #34 and if you would like. you can alter the stitch length than you can alter the stitch with. i
4:30 am
read presets this but. this is the circular stitching stitches circular medallion second resemble a flower. this is the circular stitching 5.we adjusted to run in a circle it comes with a pen, this is the: machine in the entire singer of lineup that with this particular cut.make medallions. for clothing for these are coasters. 6 c13 my block month so you can make quick and easy holiday coasters from fault and i just peaked around the edges, they will never two layers and 90 ironed them together. in
4:31 am
an and you can do at the end of the new dimension, when you add the decorative you can make ruffles, at more border said beautiful medallions. but about what it couple of ideas. those are >>host: professional results. >>guest: this machine, by the way this foot to get it off is lift the clever and pull it off. we have >>guest: the it accesssor storey rich.age lighting, the
4:32 am
illumination inside the neck and you to have to light in the tower and then you do have to the right of the needle in the left fully eliminated push ton, reverse and is a smart the writing system. again have the mirror imaging so if you look back to the menu and you want to the flour, you see that flour, will push mirror imaging watch what just turned around. his in the to make beautiful orders, and has mirror imaging and also it does have another i will go to that next in you can go to the abc, then you will see the sat in stitches. you
4:33 am
see lettering, r o b well go ahead and stitch that out. i want you to see how fast and easy this is, it is really cool. new stitch rubin you have to stabilize.i spray three or four layers of starch. without the stabilizer because i don't want to after byrd said this is a quick way to stabilize this so i can stitch robyn on my rear been in you can customize for the are robins which is really nice to people to do this. and >>host: even if you want to do placeholders, you can tie your napkins with a brick and
4:34 am
that has everyone's name on it and how fun would that be? maybe it is your stockings, towels, wrote and maybe it is sunday for your children that you picked up for the and easy. >>host: what if i just wanted to do brought in across the whole thing. height would just add a space because there is aright there, i will add to spaces and at what appears this button this affinity, 8 will stitch rock and over and over now instead of stopping at the end of the bed.this is how easy it is to use his machine. >>host: if you are to get machine at retail, you would
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spend taken 50% off free tell, the machine would be out the accessories comes from $500.our machine here with all the accessories is $329 the value add to this vestries over $200. plus you get the even feet, that is included this morning with the free shipping and handling and over hundred have been spoken for we do have the quantities of water around, this is best show of the visit there is nothing you will not be able to do with this machine.we
4:36 am
will walk you through every day you get. ing up see that cfs in easing the this is to do, if you're any embroidery, if you will be-craming anything $82 of ordinances and everywhere >>host: >>guest: house to purchase the machine, you just received the standard kit so blind hem, as a
4:37 am
brand piping into the up front get one step and one that on top of that, now you are a gathering flood and then you do have a button moved and ruled hymns this is recording but for the dimensional where all are if a quarter inch " in ft. that is it true order and good for crossing the love that for using an
4:38 am
answer to his see some of these feet and you think what a joy to with them all? you will money to the basis of its devices from the instance suitthese is this use welfare to and just roll this is treason and the bottom lines and use
4:39 am
the rough loaded this week, they are a little ashamed of that works right now. be remiss if i did not show you, this is an application for the lettering, oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree on the bridge and and i used a decorative stitch karen that suit, there is so much to talk about with this machine.c13 this is now would
4:40 am
take a vote, every six stitches, this will not cure socks off. it goes crazy it3 as well with you can to any fabric.could the difference, really, every stitch every six and this is what you see of the red dress right here, the machine you have read that every
4:41 am
six stitches when you present at it or just plain imagine being was to create your own fashions with theion and the stated their technology with the old world craftsmanship and of course that they have been using for generations that mother scrub on, our grandparents moved up on and you will be using the state of sierra machine this is a final show air nothing this is a
4:42 am
good opportunity to get a brand-new sewing machine fin and at 100 percent of, is < 50% house and get it right away. that " and look, stippling, not only d can you do a beautiful, 20 hilltops stitching in piecing with the quarter and squelching football so you stipple and went back,
4:43 am
holiday dresses, all of future this is evident 1 and computerized sewing machine to place bets curtains, and nothing in between hamas over 400 ras could and forces of both their free shipping and handling of 5 flexible payments that will toss it over to brett chuckerman. >>host: coming up next, i do have the very best value of the day.did the
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>>host: my name is pressure ackerman in good evening, a good morning we will have lots of fun and i will feature a beautiful setting and about a little over hour or so in this 2 wife and a you appreciate and beautiful embroidery but schiff of the sheet set incense and the look in your flashy tearfully
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you can go until or give us a call. hiding telesis it. this is it and look at i hanna this is the today's special less chance to get the lowest price tablet and we will have for the restive and the trough.$50 of the price and this bundle today is influenzas is--fire. and a >>host: we stick to and and look forward to that coming up but the net top of 5:00 a.m. but we do have one
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more item, and this is the the line, 1300 stitches per minute and that will rock your broad as far as sewing goes.we have holiday pricing, $479.95 if you want to sew and tram in vicious cinema darling will not be back and talk to the new year. january >>guest: 17. he >>host: do not want
4:47 am
to wait, it is that time of year, at some of this season was wearing thin in some and not to use a search 8 serger 88-90 ft. in the decorative that support and this searcherserger cover stitch. you cannot deal with the regular serger and here is why. it covers such well allow you and if he wondered what does it cover stitch cut led is the bottom of your t-shirt. did
4:48 am
you see him on the bottom on the other side, this machine will convert from a cut in surging wishing to rave flatbed. the club that will allow you to so over the material into what is called cover stitching. >>guest: stitch, i cover stitchnarrow it will stick to a needle topstitching to the books of the top of a t-shirt and underneath the mud is finishing the same but it is c13 cutting the material. when you get to ending you do want to stop you the the slit in you reverse
4:49 am
the wheel and will release the you can pull this out from underneath and works every time except when i'm on live tv and then you give it a cut [laughter] to me have this miniature t-shirt. bottom, it is the hand and looked underneath. is finished underneath, just like at the store. professional >>host: quality. bill >>guest: 10 stretch it will not the same, it is good through bear, terror wherewear. >>host: fast and
4:50 am
easy. you also get the work book. >>guest: if you called singer to get the book, which you print it, they will print it for you and it would cost $100 we are giving you the ct work but that you can print yourself on an as needed basis, every chapter will take you step- by-step, will give you and and and to follow like the following recipe in the kitchen, you will fox follow the set up chart to what to do with every part and it has never felt man i've been working with this merger for six years and i refer to+ manual for every single set up in every single time i do, it is it would show you a what these six will look like. you are getting all of this and you can make your own
4:51 am
periods >>host: that is the cd you can print it out, page by >>host: there is the cd. >>guest: 6 presser ft worth $35. that isc13 $200 and then you have faith 5 thread safety wide. yet their covers kitchen uses some may do a cover stitch wide bite you just saw me to recover stitch narrow and triple cover stitch said that you can use 3 needles on the top perry said then you have your 3 thread over lock. you have
4:52 am
your will thames into our 33 and you are flat locking on everything. lots of functionality. this machine does not have any bobbins has loops, and 5 different needle positions to you will appreciate the versatility that is built into this particular machine. i put on the bonus press survey and this is for beads pearls, have proles because the auto purchase would buy and it is one of the biggest battle months of the year and then, will so on the and what about, the bottom of you what to make 8 ball down. again
4:53 am
>>guest: this has a channel on the side that will accommodate the process and then with to threats i do not want the thread to be the star what the thread to be itself and all went to see when i finish selling this are the beats. that is exactly the result you here again i will bring round the front and you will see the beads. it will become the and even at care plan for a decorative, you can use plastic thread that does not show at all and be careful when you iron because some that the small. did you have sent tens of feet that will give you different functionality. it will also do a chain stitch but i would do chain now, i will put on the flatbed.i want
4:54 am
you to see how simple this just push this end it will slip right out of place in and said, if you will notice there is a map, it will show you expect me how their three different of curse. it to there is my bread, there my green in a bit of the nine are on this but it will keep you definitely interested in and it was a back into place, of events and we would do single needle chain we haven't talent
4:55 am
>>host: if you've always 1 day this is your opportunity we have taken $320 off and that is 40% saving. this is a customer pick this is coming included with six of your feet that is almost $180-$200 just within all of the speech, this is the final shot of the visit and have the intention we went to get this kind of faith with those motions black
4:56 am
thread and craig thread mix together bruin and in you can't get beautiful textures, sat in, any kind of the same technique was used on those with income is a one-of- a-kind he will never find anything so if you need the perfect super new 2 in june needed sewing machine like this to get this kind of surface embellishment then you put the right to a rushing,
4:57 am
indonesia and and stretches but does not make you play the savannah this judge is the only way, one white and here we go. there is this at a stretch. >>host: the capabilities to have with the machine what they were making your own one- of-a-kind if you do what 2 never shot of the party in your brain something else,. now will allow you
4:58 am
to be kin making creative leather in nevada make a complete throw or blanket for the genes from a much for that low-cost out if you interest i would say it is $50. you can their mark. the pantex were done with a searcher.
4:59 am
look how it surge, leather and finish off and cut all in 17 we+ $320 off quantities on both the searcher and the commercial rate heavy-duty sewing machine.taken $7 off customer pick, free shipping and handling emma it
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would do at all. 951-113.these are all picks and it talks to the quantity that you have with that same car. thank you so much and i knows your final show of the year so continue to call in for your if you for shopping with me thisg and brett is coming up in the today's special. >>host: [♪ music ♪] is so much at all my goodness we have a fantastic today's special and tablets are the most beloved and the most wanted electronics in the world this is that right now. it is the iconic kindle fire with access to the entire world of amazon is the price if tablet will be offering here hsn
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and you can get it called for under $40 on a credit card. were going to include a stylus, your buds is a phenomenal3 we sold3 the quantity for the entire day. do not miss out on that. one of the favorite gives here an hsn it is the swann it is twice the memory of last year's model can't pull up twice the amount photos music and all hidden in executive style ballpoint pen it is a great idea for lots of gift people on your list. if we are gonna pay for shipping and handling we never do that for thepewann pen. we are also including the nintendo 3d s
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entertainment system with mario ensign named week only have left is iran and is an exclusive pink grab them while you get it is one ofdance for the kids and adults alike to gain the item number is 227-5 by 0 ft. holiday priced 209 $9 a night would free shipping and handling. there are four flexplay men's a $74.99.we have perfect can helps size it is our very best value of the day check-in out right now. [♪ music ♪] >>host: well this is the day and this is the time it is the lowest price tablet you will see progress of the year hear an hsn. if this is on your list a
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gift yourself you can take it with you why you travel is the time to do it is the kindle fire 7 in. wide by tablets and hear and decide we are including great accessories right out of a box. you can the u.s. to love it and take a look your getting the iconic and no. 1 brand tablets sold in the market today. you will be able to take home for under $40 on a credit card you cannot do that anywhere else. a lot like watching this experience c13 hand it is of handheld size if that everybody wants to take everywhere they go across the world. this id xr kindle fire tablet it has more memory and more gramm is truly the upgraded version of a tablet for you. you get our great brand new fire and we will throw in a i your usb
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cable and $25 simply to impress voucher to do fun and botha's stop. with everything we include this is the best value you'll find at i have to say when you place your order because your tablet goes everywhere with you please think picking a great case to go with it because that is truly that tablet goes everywhere with you. and as the villa built-- ability to read books, surf the internet videos this is tablet everyday once and i hope you'll consider picking up a case becauseed it, you are a lot and i have to get lori leland out here now if she is a fan of the talent. does this kind of your
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favorite? >>guest:it is my favorite i have sold thousands and thousands of kindle fire and we are a kindle fire household. my mom the first generation model and this is far and away the best tablet for the price in the market out there there is no competition. if you what the hottest tablets it isc13 there in the market at the lowest price it is in your getting a incredible lightning fast 8 gb processor and your board have the ability bites touching your screen and has a real easy to use operating system and you could read books there is a 22 million books are available through amazon. you
5:06 am
have a dual-core processor with 8 gb memory cu can load all your favorite things you are also getting a unlimited cloud storage for all of kindle fire contents. you get also access 120,000 movies and tv and you can access millions of books kindle fire apps short also you get built- mail and amazon apps store. you are going to be able to do all of it whether it is watching at flex, scrolling to music or watching and looking at photos. >>host: he knew was so exciting6 c13 and getting into a kindle fire tablet you do not have to put anything together it is ready to use out of the box and as you start to use end in joy millions of books tv shows and are or define you are going to need so much room for of
5:07 am
your entertainment and pitchers. this is a hand-held computer experience every day what i have to stress again and again if you have tablets on your list for yourself and those you love and your are hsn shopper and you love flex payments this is the one we are an offer for the rest of the year.s an incredible top- of-the-line and iconic are not by an off brand and tried to match it with everything you have this is the time because you can get everybody you love the tablets for under $40 on plaques payments. we are not limiting how many you comply we are paying to ship every one of them out to you and this is the most we sold this is over 25 percent of our quantity for
5:08 am
the day and customers are ordering more than one at a time. everybody in the family3 what this is so durable. >>guest: every reason to want this because you have everything at- fingertips you have the store if you can get apps you 20 million at your disposal. he were not able to sue lote things that love with other tablets because ofi am able to instantlynd download pictures6 c13 and i love the built-in xl roneasy to maneuver tablet experience and i have a media player that allows me to look at pitchers. here is thebrowser and look all
5:09 am
how quickly the web pages lows their 30% faster than ever before. this is the perfect one size tablet it is predictable in your hand is less than a half of an inch slam's you are born and have a great lightweight tablet @ 14 ounces if you can carry in your bag are also receiving amazons suggestions down at the bottom edges scroll to your tablet. was surfing the internet net at something6 c13 that previously you to scroll through whether its updating youramazon favorite and this this amazon site is the way to
5:10 am
get free apps every day. i can't check every single day and i can download something 3 every single day you get 12 t of thousands of apps and you can get all this for free. >>host: you know amazon you know the name and it is gonna be what's inside a van and amazon will give you access to all you want and we are talking about great great movies and television shows. it is all here for and gives you access to a rental store and not just a purchase or if so when you travel you can choose something to read and take with you on the plight or when you are at your friends and family. you see how quickly laurie is navigating through this is a tablet to a. i see lots of people on the line right now we have a credible offers to
5:11 am
offer that are coming included with your purchase today. brandy of those who love the tablet but still above the fingerprint experience and many find it easier to navigate13 stylus that will be included as you will not find that anywhere else included in the price and will also include some earbuds. and usb cable. also you have 5 flex payments to get it home for under $40 plus a free shipping and handling. you are going to love the fact that we have cases available because if you want to give this a get you know what to give it to someone without a case you can see all the fashionable colors that arec13 and i highly recommend you pick one up because they're very popular and i have to tell you only have the quantity we were able to get for
5:12 am
the entire day is already gone. i love this very fashionable kind of colored campbell and also we a piper mobile security which is something to deftly consider topre security mobile. >>guest: handy e holder tablet item #177-884 if it is available and it makes the tablets easy to hold. the candle fire is that latest super star here there is no
5:13 am
comparison price here and for your reading experience you can increase your fonts which i think it is super important. you can also change your background if you like to read it night and you know what lots of clear you can change the color customize the reading. for example i can to also change of bonds and these are dipper customization to commit as part of your reading experience.touch the little home button and it takes you back home and i'd love it because as soon somebody says something in the e-mail's all i do is grab the pitcher and uploaded instantaneous to baseball. this is a blazing fast-- base face
5:14 am
or other social media. prime memberships amazon at i think with the 30 days 3 year warrants to be able to enjoy it born- again inclusiveand you will be receiving special spot
5:15 am
>>host: there's no set up amazon makes it incredibly easy. amazons creates an easy experience no matter how- or lack of tech savvy you are.d.c. hello laurie can easily breezed through the different apps and this is the right talent or you'll have to be an expert to get it is very you taken out of the box to turn on and you'll have access to the whole world everyone to be a part of. whether you like books music or video it is right there for you without wondering.there's also a free at every single day and there is access to rent or purchase tv shows or mintmovies.
5:16 am
this is the tablet with dual- out with 8 gb ofincredibly strong because its experience that is built for everybody. with this price and all the plugs payments are offering right you can give it as a gift to everybody. tablet is a highest electronic to give this season and to be able to get it home for $40 you can't do that anywhere else. if you were just browsing by channel surfing you need to stop for just a moment because there's nowhere else in the world you can get a kindle fire for under $ can give this as hot tech got giftkaneka holiday guests.
5:17 am
you can use flex pay and answer you also have a return policy to return it by january 31st. >>guest: hands is is really a program for everyone in the family and brett was mentioning older family and there are family. it was easy to understand from my grandmother and it will come naturally to understand every children as well. there's something that's called kendall free and allow issue as a parent if you wanna give this your children to be to adjust the time
5:18 am
they're spending doing certain tests. exports will allow them to play games for an hour today if you wanna set up that way and net flex this is a great way to show you how fast the load but what but beautiful high- definition resolutions screen you can access the necklace with a free application and here we are back to our carrousel.hear your suggestions down at the bottom and there's little that it will show you all of these photos i currently have loaded on my device and things that i have b e- mail. i can adjust the screen instantaneously but radical thing is on
5:19 am
the side i could touch a button and it says to me i can send a bottle either to e- or share in other ways. i love this little picture of the dots and and i want to send it an e-mail it will automatically attach it to the e-mail including keyboard. there are many different ways use the on-screen keyboard. >>host: >>host: v>>host: >>host:people 1 no cut browser the candle fire is using. >>guest: kindle fire uses what they call amazon and it has that bass
5:20 am
dual-core processor which makes everything lightning fast. you will receivethisdle fire and i do not know about you but i loved and brite birds especially angry bird star wars that's one of my favorites. >>host: let the kids play and set them up gaby for an hour a day and let them know once they're done bacon reeboks and to educational lapse. it would amazons supporting it and the free everyday, access to books and videos this is the experience for everybody went and it is the right size to travel. because you also shop bearded to sign it is 100 percent right price and this is a way to get both kids in the
5:21 am
house of love to iman and sun and news tablets they can learn together and it is really a way to support everybody else it is for under $40 on a credit card to get hornell. whereunto pay your shipping and handling there's no delay or shipping and handling charges and that's why we like flex pay mr. beauty shop to your art and that is why we are seeing customers order3 our 3 because it is a perfect size and weight it is durable and it is the right price is it is here for that hsn and lowest price ever. this is the one to pick up for you and your families loved ones is iconic brand with all the you need to get started with the
5:22 am
style is included and the earbuds. the final quantities are starting to pop up for the can give on the case first and people will wonder what is this case for? this is the day and time where so excited to be able to offer this to you with the shipping and handling which is the shock for you and loved ones or family. are traveling during hollandaise you can share in there together with somebody beaches is a much some of this the model
5:23 am
>>guest: i agree being a seventh generation kindle fire family you can go wrong with this dual-core can watch any of yourte content with this gorgeous gray. this is such a usable item for people in your family and and let's talk for a moment the largest store in overwhelming hundred and 20,000 audiovox and 20 million also have access to millions of free books in addition to that number and those of the book spent their
5:24 am
70 songs and things whenever you wanted to you to do with this gorgeous tablet may be one of work on your excel spreadsheet or familyr 2013. i can do that because applications that i downloaded for free is coins will allow me to open up all excel spreadsheets. you can set this up at night and let it read to your kids are self. you to be traveling and you could have this read a book to you as you do the traveling. this is amazon content and at the end of the day you are not going searching for endless sources. you know
5:25 am
>>host: getting the lightning fast experience but continental and content allows you to get everything you want out of your tablet and absolutely everybody can get with absolutely a little learning curve. this is the one misses the day and this is the price as a for yourself get into the tablet world and get it for everybody. it is lightweight and easy to use it is easy to navigate it is this?
5:26 am
>>guest: you are talking about contents as a while ago if you like harry potter book you can get them through amazon or get them through a lending library, and you did do that with a pry membership. some of that cold features but this is it to put on a black background and it could reignite public thisg and the can help desk this is on the silk browser. i just loaded up hsn dockwebsite. i can have multiple windows open at a time and look at all the different things i can do by opening up the windows and
5:27 am
toggling back-and- forth with a different app. it is right here in the palm of my hand. >>host: with and you can also use it to draw and paint and give our creative and there's so much for you. whatever your getting it for as yourself or get the person doesn't have to go by a stylus separately are a pair of are giving that person if the full experience right here today from officeof the fact we are also paying for shipping and can scratch of 3 are for people of your lives with the smartest tablet. get it home for under $40 it is low price tablet ready offering bore the end of the year.
5:28 am
we have a bottle limiminute and a half and if you are on hold please stay with us what you are on hold take a quick cases it is worth picking up is when you travel we want to be able to throw it in your handbag or in your suitcase without it getting scratched. if you are like glory and anybody that the shop with us before you seen how we hold thison we have over 200 new customers what comes hsn and thank you so much for
5:29 am
joining as if you are yoknewnot my way you get to pay overtime to you get your brand new kindle fire in your hands immediately and were so excited to have you with and we are excited that you were joining us. you can makeything largest by using your fingers is only half of the inch slant and and it is truly perfect size for so many of us it will be easy to hold on so easily. . you can also check your e- mail, update your social

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